Friends of the Hound charity Signet

devon smith engraving friends of the hound grehound charity greyhound signet

If you've been a follower of HDLL for a while you'll know we regularly do a limited run of Signet Rings to raise money for a specific charity or organisation.

Last year is was our PMA Heart Signets for Beyond Blue and the year before that was our Boob Signets with the 14k Gold Nipple for The Rough Period - who provide pads and tampons to homeless women. We also partnered with Plan International's I Am Girl campaign for Make for Good and raised money for girls living in poverty. 

This year however, is a bit different. We want to lend a helping hand to our four legged friends. This year we have a beautiful Greyhound designed and drawn by artist Devon Smith ( laser engraved on one of our handmade recycled silver classic oval signet rings to help raise funds for the Friends of the Hound.

But why Greyhounds specifically? Well, did you know that there are around 20,000 greyhounds bred in Australia every year?

Just under half that number make it to the track.

Most racing greyhounds are destroyed by the age of 3 when their racing careers are considered "finished" or after suffering an injury preventing them from racing. It is estimated that at least one injury occurs in every race, and sometimes even a death, but more often than not the injury results in the dog’s demise as it is no longer useful as a racing prospect.

Sadly, thousands of greyhounds are killed each year when they become surplus to racing industry requirements. Thousands are sent to universities where they are used in veterinary science training and experimentation; many end up at Vets as blood donors and/or are euthanized; hundreds are sent to China; and many are just shot. Very few greyhounds from the thousands bred each year are kept as breeding prospects, and a very small percentage are re-homed as pets.

And that's where our charity of choice comes in. Friends of the Hound are a non-profit volunteer Greyhound rescue group who are dedicated to saving Greyhounds and raising awareness of their plight. Often running adoption drives and re-homing retired and rescued greyhounds as well as providing a well needed re-education about these speedy longbois. 

You can find out more about the good work they do over at

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