Intaglio // Pandora
Intaglio // Pandora
Intaglio // Pandora

Intaglio // Pandora

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The gods gave her many traits including beauty, curiosity, charm, and cleverness. Hence her name “Pandora,” meaning “all gifted” or, alternately, “a gift to all.”
For the ancient Greeks, Pandora was more a symbol of the wiles of womanhood: a potentially dangerous figure who carried out the gods' punishment of men. As the first woman, Pandora also stands as a symbol of femininity, both beautiful and cunning in her way. Pandoras role is primarily associated with the introduction of human suffering into the world. She symbolises the comlexities of human existance and the balance between blessings and challanges.

Listing is for one handmade Intaglio pendant featuring the handcarved image of Pandora on cobolt venetian glass. Made from recylced sterling silver. This pendant is one of a kind and cannot be repeated. Please note this pendant does not come with a chain. Please see selection of chains available if you would like to add one to your order. 

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